Thursday, December 11, 2014

Programming Note: Those "Beer of the Month" posts are history

Back in July or 2010, it seemed like a good idea to start posting a "Beer of the Month" review of various beers discovered in my travels.  Beers that either had the "Wow!" factor or were noteworthy in some other unique way.  And it was a good idea, pushing me to find new and interesting beers and tell the stories behind them.  Problem was, the idea got a little too structured and got to be a chore. Some months, it was a struggle to find a "Beer of the Month", other times, I had to pick between a few good candidates.  So I've decided to abandon this structure and just post reviews whenever.  In addition, I'll be focusing my reviews largely on San Francisco Bay Area breweries, and South San Francisco Bay Breweries in general.

I always wanted this blog to be more than a bunch of beer reviews, but talking about different beers and sharing new finds is part of the craft beer conversation  So I'll be doing that in a more locally focused and unstructured manner in this little corner of cyberspace.

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