Saturday, June 4, 2011

Yes We Can! My Canned Beer Article Written for Adventure Sports Journal Hits the Street

When I started writing an article on canned craft beer for Adventure Sports Journal, I figured it would turn out to be another one of those, "it's good for the beer, it's good for the Earth, lot of brewers are doing it, yadad-yada-yada" kind of stories. But it turned out to be more of a business innovation story that took a few surprising twists and turns.

I really have to thank editor Pete Gauvin for going to bat for the story, and making sure it would run in the June/July issue, as evidently there was some talk about waiting until the August/September issue to run the story. Pete also added a few facts and flourishes to the text, and re-wrote my rather horrendous ending to the article. Pete modestly claimed he was only patching a few holes in the walls of the house I built, but he did a lot more than that, and I asked him to give himself co-author credit. I'm rather proud of what we accomplished, which you can find online here.

The story raises a few interesting questions, which I'll discuss in a few days in an upcoming post.