Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yee-haw! Steve Donohue's Santa Clara Valley Brewing Coming Online

Steve Donohue would be one of those rockstar brewers if he lived in San Francisco or Santa Rosa after winning all those Great American Beer Festival Medals at Firehouse Grill and Brewery.   Problem, was Firehouse was located in the far less glamorous towns of Sunnyvale and East Palo Alto, places few beer geeks venture to. Firehouse's management also seemed far more interested in featuring its young, nubile waitresses in short kilts and tight t-shirts to appeal to the sportsbar crowd than being a destination for great beer.  Too bad, since sportsbars with pretty girls are a dime a dozen, while Steve's beers were pretty special.

So Steve Dononue left Firehouse to start his own brewery and the good news is that he now has his California Alcoholic Beverage Control Type 17 License (Beer and Wine Wholesaler) which he happily Tweeted to the world March 21st, which allows him to get brewing!  How soon can we expect the first beer from Santa Clara Valley Brewing?  A recent comment from Santa Clara Valley Brewing on their Facebook page declares "We still have some work to do before we have beer, but we're working on it as much as possible. We're hoping to have beer by early to mid May."

I found Steve's beers, like his Hops on Rye,  Hall and Oatmeal Stout, and Pete's Support, a nifty Belgian IPA, were always flavorful, unique, and distinctive but never strayed too far from traditional brewing styles.  His next beers from Santa Clara Valley Brewing can't touch my lips fast enough. 

Let's raise our glasses to the success of yet another great South Bay Brewery.

Steve Donohue happily Tweeted this permit which allows him to commence brewing


  1. Thanks Derrick! We really appreciate your support. I can't wait for you to have our beer, too!


  2. Steve, are you going to have your own equipment or are you going to be contract brewing? Whatever you're doing please tell me you're mot brewing at Hermitage. That place is cursed!

    1. Hi Craig, maybe you haven't had any Hermitage Beer lately, since its tasted mighty fine to me. SCVB and Hermitage are in fact brewing a collaborative beer which sounds good to me.

  3. Craig, in what way are we at Hermitage cursed? Cursed to have someone like Steve helping us out for a while?

  4. WTH Craig!?! Every beer by Hermitage I have had, which is all of them btw, and those that contract brewed out of there are of the highest quality. Pure awesomeness.

    Maybe Craig has never actually had a good beer.


  5. I wanted to find this post and apologize. I tried Steve's new SCVB IPA recently and it was absolutely fantastic. Also a number of other brewery's beers that are coming out of Hermitage really seem to be improving.
    Steve, thanks for helping bring great craft beer to the South Bay!