Friday, November 20, 2015

21st Amendment helps build a San Leandro neighborhood....the story in Edible East Bay

It's the story of how 21st Amendment's new brewery in San Leandro, CA is revitalizing a tired, industrial neighborhood. I've written a lot of things I've been proud of, but this article ranks of one of the highest because this story is about how beer truly matters.  You can read it on the Edible East Bay website here.


  1. Your post captures the important role craft brewers are playing in many economies. I wish I had the time and resources to document the positive impact of craft brewers on cities across the country. 21st Amendment's story is being replicated in many cities. Here in San Diego, like San Leandro, craft brewers are filling previously unwanted space in many older industrial areas. They are driving employment, too.

    As an aside, the Dangerous Man Brewing t-shirt sported in the picture is cool, I bought one at the Dangerous Man brewery last summer. Neat deign and good beer.

    1. I was I had the time and resources to document more examples like 21st Amendment's myself. Thank you for coming by Beer Rover!