Sunday, September 15, 2013

Answering the Burning Fall Racing Questions

No doubt you're all tossing and turning each night, unable to sleep wondering what races I'll be running this fall.  Well let me break that awesome suspense and tell you I've signed up for the Let's Go 510k, a 10k in Berkeley October 19th as a tune-up for the big "circle the calendar race", the Big Sur Half-Marathon on Monterey Bay this November 17th.  The Let's Go 510k runs around the Berkeley Marina and has a unique finish on the Golden Gate Fields Horse Race Track, the Big Sur Half-Marathon runs mostly along the Monterey Bay coastline, offering plenty of views of waves crashing into rocks in spectacular fashion.

I'm looking forward to the Let's Go 510k because I'm a big believer in a tune-up race 2-4 weeks before the big goal race.  Tune-up races serve as a reality check of how the training is really going,  and the Berkeley 10k should provide a means to establish a sensible opening pace for the Big Sur Half-Marathon.

So far, training for the Monterey Bay Half-Marathon is going well.  I'm up to about 45 miles a week, more than I was doing weekly in preparation for the Santa Cruz Half-Marathon I ran last April.   I'm still doing the Eric Orton core and form workouts and they continue to pay off in improved running efficiency and injury prevention.  I'm also doing a lot of tempo running, including the long distance tempo runs I wrote about previously to get ready.  Stay tuned, because I'll be writing about one of my favorite work-outs, the four mile track tempo run shortly.

Sure, I'll admit this is a pretty self-centered post with a very high density of self-referencing links.  But if I can't write about myself at least once in a while, what's the point of writing a blog?

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