Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Programming Note: Those "X" weeks to the Big Sur Marathon are going to change

Faithful readers of this blog (Hi Mom!) have certainly noticed the last four week I posted "X weeks to the Big Sur Half-Marathon.  It was an experiment of sorts to tell a tale of my training and experience leading up to the Big Sur Half-Marathon while doing my best to avoid turning into an self-indulgent running "bus schedule".

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, the series began coming across as a self-indulgent running "bus schedule".  Of course, one could argue self-indulgent posts are what blogs are all about.   But I wasn't that happy how they turned out and the weekly series was taking time away from posts I was more interested in writing.  So after analyzing the data from the initial experiments, I've decided to abandon the format, but not the ideas behind what it the format in the first place.  I'll still be writing about the build up to the Big Sur Half-Marathon but will tell the story in a different way, which I think you'll find more interesting to read.   Hope you stick around for that.

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