Friday, October 2, 2015

The Session #104: It's not you, it's me. Well maybe it's you.

I struggle to find the words, Session, but maybe this thing just isn't working out anymore. I mean, when I met you, it was great. Some many wonderful conversations, so many new experiences. And yes, trying new things and just goofing around with you was fun, and at times, wonderfully intense. But these days, it feels like work. We don't seem to know what to do any more. It seems forced, like you always want to talk about some deep complex subject or do something wildly experimental, like you need to top last month's topic. Can't we have a quiet night and just review some beer? I know, it's not all that original, but hey, I still find that fun even if you don't.

You know, people change and sometimes you don't seem so interested. I mean, this thing seems old fashioned, the way people Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook these days. We used to plan so many things in advance and you were so full ideas about what to do. Now you never tell me what you want to do until almost the last minute. I mean, it seems forced. If you aren't really into this, maybe it's time to, you know, end things?

Yeah, I have to admit, there's evenings where I rather curl up with a good book or go out with some of my friends, but if it's that first Friday of the month, I put my best foot forward to make it work. I've started meeting other writing projects, just being friends of course, and have been totally open with you about this, and I really appreciate your understanding about giving me some space. I've really tried not to miss our special Fridays.  But yes, I've started missing our day here and there, so you're right, I'm not always there for you.

You know we had a wonderful run. I met so many great people through you and had so many good times. You really challenged me, forced me to think differently, made me a better person in your odd way. Those memories will last forever.  OK, that's corny, but I'm trying to put this in the best light. How's this: Nothing truly lasts forever, but things that endure for a long time are really special. Well, that's kinda corny too.  Forgive me for using cliche's, I just can't find the right words.  Even though things don't look good between us, for a while, it really meant something.  That made it all worth doing.

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