Sunday, May 16, 2010

Movin' up the Peninsula to Belmont

A number of big changes have happened over the past few weeks, and one of them is that I've moved up the San Francisco Peninsula to Belmont, CA, about 30 miles north of my old San Jose home. Since my kids live a majority of the time with their mom in nearby San Mateo, I realized I was missing too much of their lives down in San Jose. You can always go back and run races you've missed, or try beers you haven't gotten around to drinking, but there is a short of window of time you can be there for your kids as they grow up, and then it's gone for good.

With all these big changes, I haven't gotten a lot of running in lately. But rest assured, I have maintained my usual beer intake. And yes, posts here have come fewer and further between lately, but that will be temporary. Next month, Linda and I will be taking the kids on a Southern California road trip, where we'll take the kids to some fun spots in Southern California, as well as some of the excellent brewpubs on the way. I think these will be some fun postings, and I've always said craft beer drinking and family peacefully mix and will take the chance to show it, rather than just talk about it. And this coming August, I'm hosting the Beer Blogging Session. The topic is "A Special Place, A Special Beer" and I'll be asking participants to explore the geographical connection to beer and places by writing about a special place in their lives and how the beer connects them to that place.

Anyway, I'll start getting back into shape, and hope you'll stay tuned to the "new" Bay Area Beer Runner.

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  1. "Moving on up..." makes me think of the Jeffersons! Weezy!