Friday, September 4, 2009

Recent Study on the Co-existence of Drinking and Excercise

First brought to my attention on Tim Cigelske's Beer Runner, is this study showing that those who drink actually tend to exercise more than those who don't. Given that plenty of runners drink, not to mention football players, cyclists, and even bowlers regularly knock back a few pints, the study seems a little like proving the sun rises in the east. But it shows what many people have known all along. Responsible drinking and exercise easily co-exist.


  1. I'll tell you that one good reason to exercise is to counteract the fattening effects of beer. And let's not forget -- when you're coming off a bout of particular overindulgence, a good sweat can help purge some of that evil out.

  2. Brad, I have to agree with you, in that I still haven't found a better hangover cure than a morning run.