Monday, July 14, 2014

Beer of the Month: Devil's Thumb from Rock Bottom Brewery in Campbell

I've enjoyed many a brew at my local Rock Bottom Brewery in Campbell that it's high time to bestow Beer of the Month honors to one of their finer creations, Devil's Thumb Belgian Strong Pale Ale.

It's one of those beers that sort of sneaks up on you.  It looks fairly unimposing at first, siting there all golden yellow in a glass. The first thing I notice when sipping this one is a  light pineapple, tropical fruit vibe coupled with a piney, slightly resiny hop finish.  The malt is dry and crisp, and there's a slight alcohol burn which accentuates the flavors.  It one of those beers where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts as they all come together to create something unique and memorable.  At 8.3% abv, it packs a bit of a wallop so watch out, as it's quite drinkable.

Rock Bottom Brewery is one of two breweries in my home town of Campbell, and I take the wife and kids there often.   We all like the food, and my wife and I like the beers.  The standard Rock Bottom line-up is pretty solid, and Brewmaster Russell Clements usually has three or four of his special concoctions on tap.  The beers are pretty accessible, well crafted and flavorful.  It's one of the many good things about living in Campbell.

One of my favorite places to take the family out for dinner
(Photo from Rock Bottom Brewery)

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  1. Derrick,
    I visited Rock Bottom on Sunday and didn't see this beer. I tried their Vanilla Porter and the IPA. Both were pretty decent.
    As a fellow runner and beer enthusiast, I really enjoy your blog.