Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Rambling Reviews 6.2.2015: Hermitage Equinox, Boulevard's The Dark Truth and Alpine's Hoppy Birthday Pale Ale

Equinox Single Hop IPA in all its glory in
the Hermitage Brewing tap room
Once again, time to ramble on about some beers I've tried lately.

Let's start with Hermitage Brewing's Equinox Single Hop IPA.  And just like 072770, the last hop featured in Hermitage's single hop IPA series, Equinox hop delivers plenty depth and complexity all by itself.   It starts off with flavors of lemon peel with some other light fruity flavors I found pleasing but hard to identify, then finishing rather resiny.  I've said before the Hermitage Single Hop Series showcase hops that generate interesting flavors but don't always work all by themselves, but if Hermitage keeps finding hops like 07270 and Equinox, I'm going to have to stop saying that.

Next up is The Dark Truth Imperial Stout from one of my favorite breweries from the Midwest, Boulevard Brewing Company. The dark truth about the Dark Truth is that its got some good things going on but all the different component never quite click together. There's lots of good bitter chocolate flavors, a little raisin and a very light sweetness but the graininess and a slight alcohol burn make this beer a bit rough around the edges.  It works as a sipping beer, but left me longing for something a bit smoother and coherent.

Finally, there's Alpine Beer Company's Hoppy Birthday Pale Ale that I enjoyed in the recently revamped Campbell Brewing Company in downtown Campbell.  And yes, big surprise, it's really hoppy.  The fresh, pungent piney hops dominate with a little resin thrown in for good measure really work in this very straightforward, direct brew.  This really is an IPA, not a Pale Ale, but I'm not going to get too distracted by stuff like his. One of the more arresting, "Wow!" factor beers I've had in a while.

Alpine's Hoppy Birthday Pale Ale at
Campbell Brewing Company

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