Friday, October 15, 2010

Someone other than my sister is reading this

Having heard that Wikio recently started keeping rankings of beer blogs, I couldn't help looking to see what the their top rated ones were. Listed as 10th is "Bay Area Beer Runner", what this one used to be called.

Get the %&# out!

I really can't believe with so many beer blogs out there, this one ranks in the top ten. Of course, it isn't clear how this ranking is actually determined, but I look at the blogs ranked around me, and feel I'm in excellent company, so it has to have some validity.

Thanks so much for reading, and I'll just keep writing as best I can to make it worth your while to drop by.


  1. Cool! I read your blog and yes, I'm your sister but I read it cause I enjoy. I also share it with others, especially when I think the topic would interest them. Accept for the chudder runs. That concept is really disgusting. Must be a "guy" thing that I don't understand.

  2. Actually, plenty of women do Beer Miles and Chunder Runs.