Thursday, April 7, 2011

Going Legit with a Gig on California's Adventure Sports Journal

One of the best things about writing a blog is that there's no pesky editor telling you what to do and you can write whatever you feel like. One of the worst things about writing a blog is that there's no pesky editor there to improve your work, or suggest a direction many readers would be interested in. So I'm pleased to announce this little writing hobby of mine has taken a new step as I start as a contributing writer for California's Adventure Sports Journal, which published both online and (gasp!) in print.

And the best thing is that the magazine's editor Pete Gauvin doesn't do pesky very well. And it's hard for me to argue with his publication's tag line "Earn your beer" as beer drinking, I've learned, is rather pervasive in a lot of outdoor activities besides running. There's truly been a good exchange of ideas between Pete and I which will lead to a lot of good future stories. It's a cliche' to say in these situations, but he truly has been great to work with. Hopefully I'll reward him by bring more readers to his publication. It's also nice that he pays for what I write.

My first article for California's Adventure Sports Journal is a slight reworking of a previous post on barefoot running which you can read here. There's also a little write-up I did on Anchor Steam to start a series of beer reviews from local California breweries we'll be calling "A Beer Worth Earning". California Adventure Sports Journal can be found in many Bay Area sporting goods stores, especially those with extensive hiking, biking, camping, and other gear to enjoy the great outdoors such as REI.

But worry not, dear reader, this blog isn't going anywhere. I'll still be posting away here, although more likely with an emphasis of quality over quantity, and the posts will take more of a running and outdoors direction. Being associated with an actual print publication rather than simply being yet another will likely gain additional access to people and information, resulting in better and more informative writing here.

I expect a lot of great things to emerge from this new collaboration with California Adventure Sports Journal, and it's big step. I'm not some schmuck with a blog anymore. I'm now some schmuck with a blog who sometimes writes for the California Adventure Sports Journal.

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  1. Saying that I'm a little behind in my reading would be an understatement. Big Congrats dude!