Monday, December 26, 2011

Beer of the Month: Cappuccino Stout from Lagunitas Brewing

Normally I'd pick a holiday themed beer for the month of December, but the problem was, every holiday themed beer I tried this month was pretty underwhelming.  Not bad, mind you, but nothing to make me sit up and say "That's the Beer of the Month!"  And I certainly looked around.  So with no holiday beer jumping out at me, I decided to choose a beer that's long been a favorite of mine each December when Lagunitas Brewing releases it.  I'm talking about their Cappuccino Stout.
The first thing you'll notice with this beer is a blast of strong coffee aromas hitting your nose.  Taste it, and you'll discover strong, sharp, roasted flavors of bitter chocolate and (surprise!) coffee.  Coffee beers can sometimes be muddled, dull brews but this has a uniquely crisp and drinkable quality to it.  But be careful, because at 9.2% abv, this one will knock you out in a hurry, all that caffine from the coffee not withstanding. 

Seeing as most of the holidays have past, give this one a try to either break out of the holiday doldrums, or recover from the unsual holiday madness.

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