Sunday, August 26, 2012

Running Reboot

That's an MRI of my shoulder I recently dislocated.  Those trained to look at these things will notice the labrum, a lip of cartilage surround the ball and socket joint of the shoulder, is torn.  I can feel something funny in my left shoulder, and that's probably it.  So my orthopedist is basically going to stick something into my left shoulder and staple the labrum back into place.  Hopefully my arm won't be popping out of my shoulder on a regular basis.

I lost a couple weeks of running when this happened on a family trip and will probably loose another week after surgery.  But runners are always picking themselves off the mat whether it be from injury, recovering from a race, or times when life gets too overwhelming that training becomes impossible.  There is always rediscovery and optimism at these points starting from near the bottom and working your way up.

 The beauty of running is that even if you're knocked out for a while, there will always be another hill to climb, a trail to explore, or a race to challenge you when you come back.  As long as the mind can will the body to run, these things will always exist.

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  1. Major bummer. Glad you have a great attitude about it, though. Heal quickly, buddy.