Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Week's Running Quote: From a Fortune Cookie

After sifting through quotes from elite athletes and coaches looking this week's running quote, I must admit I being a bit stumped as to which one to use.   But then one day after finishing lunch at a Chinese restaurant, opening my fortune cookie and reading:

"Allow disruptions to deepen your concentration."

I instantly realized this was going to be week's quote.

Running is such a simple elementary action of driving forward with your legs with the arms serving as a counter-balanced repeated thousands of times over the course of a single run.  And yet it's the disruptions to this simple bio-mechanical activity like running for time, running over varied terrain, running through difficult whether, and pushing yourself against other athletes which makes our running strides more powerful and efficient.

We often to seek to minimize disruptions and distractions around race time, and this is made a lot easier if we've dealt with plenty of disruptions in our training.  After all, distruptions don't go away simply because it is race day.

Now if the next fortune cookies I open solemnly advises "Now is the time to start doing mile repeats", I'm going start getting suspicious.

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