Sunday, July 1, 2012

Running Quote for the Week from the new US Olympic Trials Record Holder

"I was excited to see it was really raining."

-Galen Rupp after setting an American record in the Men's Olympic Trial 10,000 Meter Run

After watching Rupp's thrilling victory in the 5,000 meters in the US Olympic Trial, where he retook the lead from Bernard Lagat in the homestretch, breaking running legend Steve Prefontaine's Olympic Trials 5,000 meter record in the process, his impressive 10,000 Olympic Trials victory and record in the pouring rain seems a distant memory.

Truth be told, part of Rupp's excitement about the pouring rain during the start of the Olympic Trials was due to his allergies.  But I find the best athletes tend to thrive under the worst conditions, as if raising the bar on what needs to be accomplished brings the best out of them, and Rupp's quote seems to capture that.   

Rupp's performance in the Olympic Trials 10,000 is also a reminder that race conditions and circumstances are rarely ideal, so make sure your prepared for the anything that might get thrown at you on race day.  You might even get excited when that happens.

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