Monday, January 19, 2015

A Slight Diversion to Livermore Wine Country

The have been moments when I've actually reached for wine.  I must admit wine has a few redeeming values and sometimes when no one's looking, I'll sneak out with my wife to enjoy some of the great wine regions in Northern California.

The Livermore Valley Wine Region is one of those places. It's just an hours drive from where we live, and you can find plenty of excellent wines that would cost $15 more a bottle if the same wine was from Napa or Sonoma. We joined a couple friends one Sunday afternoon and perused the offerings of Rubino Estates, Ruby Hill, Mitchell Katz, and Steven Kent.

No deep wine criticism here, accept to say I like pretty much everything I tried, and some of it was excellent.  I'll leave you with a few pictures.

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