Monday, May 2, 2016

Rambling Reviews 5.2.2106: Strike Brewing's Screaming Hand, Uinta Brewing's Farm Side Saison, and Dogfish Head's Beer To Drink Music To

It's been a full month since I rambled here about any beer. Time to fix that!

Let's start with Strike Brewing's Screaming Hand Imperial Amber coming totally out of left field on Strike's restrained, baseball themed line-up. I alway found Strike beers to be driven by Brewmaster Drew Ehrlich's solid brewing technique and sense of nuance, but this beer almost literally screams. Assertive, strong caramel malt blend well with tropical slightly resinous hops. At 7.5% abv, it tastes a bit "boozy" in a good way. Nice change of pace effort from Strike. Talk to the hand.

Next, we come to Uinta Brewing's Farm Side Saison. They make it with white grape must and gooseberries, which pretty much take over this brew. It's full of sharp, white wine flavors, a fruity tartness that I gather come from the gooseberries. There's just not much there from the neutral malt, and it lacks any real yeastiness. You might call it a white wined-up saison. For those who want some wine with their beer.

Last, we come to Beer to Drink Music to Tripel from Dogfish Head.  What can I say, this is just a wonderful sipping beer to drink music to, or anything else for that matter.  Lot's of aromatic spiciness of cinnamon and clove dominate with a little orange fruitiness, a light sweetness and a slight toffee note.  Just a smooth, effortless combination of strong flavors at 9% abv.

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