Friday, May 4, 2012

The Session #63: The Beer Moment - Must I pick one?

I can't believe for this month's Session, Pete Brown asks us to write about the beer moment, as if there was only one.   There've been so many.

That wonderful buzz, numbing the pain in my sore legs after a long run, from the beers I most undeniably earned.

Those times my mind goes "Wow!" with discovery when yet another talented brewer combines grain, hops, water and yeast to concoct something unique and unexpected with flavors that totally pop.

Being out with friends and family drinking some crappy industrial lager I'd never otherwise drink, because the beer is essential for the moment, but its flavor is irrelevant.

All alone in my room at 3:00 am, my head hurting while hurling the 7th crushed beer can of the night against the wall after my longtime girlfriend finally told me she "needed some space".

Burrito night with my wife at the nearby taquería  where the familiar, earthy flavors of our local brewery's amber ale provide needed stability at the end of our long day.

Could any other beverage create such a diversity of universal moments?

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  1. I wish I could get craft beer at our taqueria... not that we'd need more booze since we usually find ourselves munching away after 1 or 2 am...

    The Beer Moment