Sunday, January 26, 2014

Slight Diversion to Santa Cruz Wine Country

View of the Santa Cruz Mountains from
Byington Winery
I must admit wine does have a few redeeming qualities.  Sometimes it's good to revisit this "other" beverage, so my wife and I took a jaunt on a hot California January afternoon through the Santa Cruz Mountains to sample wines from three of the region's wineries. All three wineries, Byington Winery, Burrell School Winery, and Loma Prieta offer great, sweeping views of the Santa Cruz Mountains to muse upon while quaffing their fine wines.

Of course, Santa Cruz County has a great beer scene that's really exploded in the last five or six years that's confined mostly within the city of Santa Cruz.  Out in the surrounding mountains, most Santa Cruz wineries have been making wine for more than twenty years.  In many ways, the Santa Cruz region mirrors Sonoma and Medicino to the north, where great brewing and wine making co-exist.

While beer is still my beverage, if you ever want to discover what wine has to offer, head for the mountains of Santa Cruz.  I'll leave you with a few pictures of our great afternoon.

The front door at Byington

The estate vineyard at Byington, dormant in January
There really is a school at Burrell School Winery
The "lesson plan" at Burrell School.  You must promise to sip your wine.
View from the deck at Burrell School

Yours truly contemplating a fine Pinot at Burrell School

The winter vineyard at Loma Prieta

A fountain high above at Loma Prieta

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