Monday, June 23, 2014

Truth Be Told, I'm a Coffee Runner

Time to make a small confession.  I'm really a coffee runner.  Most of my days start with a run. Knocking back a couple beers afterwards that morning and then getting into my car and heading off to work has certain complications. So my post-run beverage of choice is a glass of water followed by a couple cups of coffee.  Running and coffee gets me ready to handle life's challenges during the day. Beer in the evening me to relax and recover from what each day throws at me.

I run alone most of the time, but some Saturday mornings I get a chance to meet with run friends at the Los Gatos High School.  We usually do between 2 and 4 miles of tempo running around the track for  and then catch up on things chatting away during our cool down.  Then we head to a nearby Peet's afterward for coffee and a scone before we all go our separate ways for the rest of the weekend.  

Most runners I know are morning people, so the post-run beer is rarely an option.  So yes, I'm really a coffee runner.  Feels good to finally get that off my chest.

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