Monday, March 5, 2012

Wednesday Evening Beer Runs at Strike Brewing

I'm pleased to announce current reigning Beer of the Month champ Strike Brewing is hosting Wednesday evening beer runs in Los GatosLori Beveridge, who is a Lululemon Running Ambassador, leads the group, which starts their run at 6:30 at lobby of Los Gatos Lodge for a 3-4 mile jaunt through downtown Los Gatos. As the days get longer, they'll be enough light at that time to start heading onto the Los Gatos Creek Trail, a great running trail that winds through fitness conscious Los Gatos. 

"It was kind of fun running as a big group through town while everyone is eating dinner and staring at us like we’re crazy," explains Jenny Lewis, CEO of Strike Brewing.   Right now about 10-12 show up and that number is expected to triple in the summer.  This group also does a longer run, 8-12 miles on Saturday mornings on the trail.

Jenny has even larger plans for her group which mirrors her plans for her start-up brewery  "The ultimate plan is to make the brewery the place where everyone starts and ends.  And as soon as we have a location leased, that will begin – even while we’re still building it out – that way people can watch the progress and start getting excited about beer!"  Jenny went on to add that this club is modeled like FFP running clubs,  so they plan to have more events going on in the future.

So if you're looking for a good run and good beer in the South Bay, looks like Strike Brewing is the place to be Wednesday.

The group posing on the Los Gatos High School track.  I'm told guys also show up for these runs.

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