Tuesday, March 6, 2012

You'll be fit to be Tide with our latest "Ask Ramblings" Giveaway

I've had modest aspirations of becoming, shall we say, the Dear Abby of the Beer Running.  I'd ask, beg, and plead with readers to e-mail their questions about running, training, and/or drinking beer with all that going on, hoping to impress everyone with my 30 years running experience and sincerity to help a fellow beer runner out.  A few people to sent questions who seemed to genuinely find my answers helpful, and I learned something valuable along the way with regards with striving to become a trusted confidant the beer running community can depend on.

It takes bribery.

Free swag tends to induce people to share their most intimate beer running struggles.  And so I'm pleased to announce the fine folks at Tide, to promote their new odor fighting technology found in Febreze Laundry Odor Eliminator, are sponsoring the latest "Ask Ramblings" give away.

Tide has created some ingenious bags to keep the funk of running and working outs away, including the Tide Odor-Absorbing Sports Bag.  With this bag, they promise you won’t leave a trail of odors as you leave the gym or the track!  And one of these Odor-Absorbing Sports Bags will be yours if I use your beer running question for the next "Ask Ramblings" post.

Simply e-mail your question using the e-mail link you'll find here and if it's the one I decide to use, Tide will send you a free Odor-Absorbing Sports Bag.  Your question can be about running, training, racing, beer drinking, or some combination, and  no question is too basic, fundamental or esoteric.  Look forward to hearing from everyone! 

(Tide Odor-Absorbing Sports Bag and product information provided by Proctor & Gamble.)

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