Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Almost barefoot running.....and living to tell about it

OK, so after this morning's tempo workout on my neighborhood high school track, I got this wild idea to take off my shoes and run a few 40 yard accelerations on the football field in my socks. It was an AstroTurf field, so it wasn't exactly running barefoot through the woods. But I thought it might be a good way to wind down a three miles of tempo running to help recover, and dare I say it, it really worked.

My feet felt refreshed, getting lots of cool air without running shoes getting in the way. And without shoes, I could really focus in on form and stride as I gradually increased my foot speed over the 40 yards. I did this only four times, but I felt a lot better after ending the tempo workout this way than if I just trudged home.

I've gone on the record as opposing barefoot running, and while this doesn't actually count as barefoot running, it is making me go "hhhhmmmmmmm".

Is this the beginning of a transformation into becoming a bare foot running?


  1. Barefoot running is phenomenal. At first I was cynical about the idea but one day I took my shoes off and gave it a try. To my amazement, it felt good. Since then, I no longer use my running shoes every time I run. It's just feels great. On the other hand, I also wear barefoot running shoes, which is also the most popular running shoes on the market today. Yes it's a shoes but the difference from the conventional ones is that it mimics the feeling of barefoot running plus the added protection against rocks and other elements on the ground. If you haven't heard of this trend, check out this link here.

  2. Come on in the water is fine!!