Tuesday, August 30, 2011

San Diego Truth in Advertising Part 2: The Best Damn Beer Shop

The Best Damn Beer Shop isn’t actually a stand alone beer shop, but simply the beer section in an otherwise slightly worn, nondescript grocery store on a quiet downtown street called Super Junior Market. But then, the beer section takes up one whole third of the grocery store.

I figured on finding plenty of great examples of San Diego County’s great brewing scene I can't get in Northern California after finding this place on an internet search. What I didn’t count was finding stuff from Oregon or even New Zealand I can't find anywhere else.

How this indescribeably expansive beer selection got here seemingly defies the laws of economics and even physics. I now have some idea how the people who first stumbled upon the Grand Canyon must have felt.


  1. only you would compare a beer selection to the Grand Canyon.

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  4. Looking forward to visiting this bottle shop. Cheers!