Saturday, August 1, 2009

Prelude to San Diego: Green Flash Double Stout

Next week, I'll be travelling on business to San Diego. I'll be staying downtown without a car, so won't have an opportunity to visit the many great San Diego area breweries, but I will have an opportunity to sample some of the local beers. And running along the inner harbor trail is some of the best urban running in America.

To get myself in a San Diego frame of mind, I decided to giving Green Flash Brewing's Double Stout a try. I've enjoyed their West Coast IPA, an aptly named beer since that hop monster has a mere whisper of malt to pacify the mass quantities of hops Green Flash uses, the West Coast IPA style totally pushed to the limit

Turns out, the Imperial Stout is very much the yang of the West Coast IPA yin. Lot's of rich, creamy, bitter coffee tasting malt in this bad boy, with the barest touch of any sweetness, and a little bitter chocolate character to it. The alcohol is really well hidden in this one. And as you can see, it pours a very thick, foamy head. Not really the beer to have during the afternoon at a San Diego beach during low tide, but works for me as an excellent late night sipping beer.

Hmmm.....what if you mixed Green Flash's highly bitter, malt forward Double Stout with their West Coast IPA? Maybe I shouldn't ask.

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