Friday, June 25, 2010

SoCal Vacation Day 5: The Long Ride to Home

The worst part about any vacation always seems to be the drive back. All the fun stuff is over, and now comes something tedious, monotonous and long. Being in the car for hours and hours with everyone else, so better find a way to get along during the difficult trip.

Sort of like family itself. Every one's in it together, so you make the extra effort to make it work. Of course, if it's too unbearable being trapped in that car with everyone, you can get out and find your way back home by yourself. Even if that results in everyone being in a better place, it is a long, difficult journey filled with a few harrowing moments. Trust me, I know.

So on the last day, I was confined to a car with a 7 year old emotional drama queen, a nine year old quirky, autistic boy totally lacking in almost all social skills, and a women who is as incredibly stubborn and combative as I am. Can't imagine any other three people I'd would rather be trapped in a car all day with.

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  1. Hope your trip home was "uneventful" and peaceful :) I don't drop comments here as often as I enjoy your material, but following you around on your latest trip has been some fun-reading material.

    Btw, my run during PBW? Hazy, hot, humid...followed by torrential thunderstorms. Some runners finished before the first storm, others not as lucky. But, we all enjoyed (around 25 of us) the beer, pizzas, and live music after at Dock Street.

    We'll run together one of these days...